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About This Project


Cost per Treatment : Click to download price list.


What is Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser Skin Rejuvenation involves non-abrasive, non-invasive light therapy without requiring injections, making it the most effective non surgical- skin repair technique available today. As we grow older, cell regeneration slows down and skin loses its firmness and glow. Thanks to the action of Or-Light, fibroblasts are actively stimulated resulting in an increase in collagen production, leaving the skin firmed, toned, smoother, more radiant, revitalized and rejuvenated.



​The​ almost painless technique providing long-lasting hair removal and highly effective skin repair and photo-lifting treatments using light therapy.



  • Vascular Lesions & Rosascea
  • Pigmentation & Freckles
  • Sun Damange & Poikiloderma
  • Puffiness & Skin Tightening
  • Lines, Wrinkles & Dehydration
  • ​Enlarged Pores
  • Facial acne scars



Who can be treated for Skin Rejuvenation?

The SPL therapy not only provides excellent curative results, but is also extremely effective as a preventative anti-aging treatment. It can effectively be used from 25 years of age, when skin begins to show the first signs of aging.


How many treatments are required?

This depends on the individual and their needs. Usually 4-6 treatments are advisable but ​results are visible even after the first session. Discuss a customized treatment program to suit your needs and budget with your Or-Light therapist. Maintenance treatments will further enhance results.


Reducing Visible Skin Flaws
There are several areas​ of skin which can be treated using laser skin rejuvenation. Such treatments are administered onto facial skin, legs, arms, torso and hands. Facial treatments are naturally the most sought after laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Smooth, wrinkle free facial skin makes us look young and healthy.

​ ​

Possible Laser skin rejuvenation side effects may vary between the areas treated and the type of skin blemish targeted.


Is there any down time for the client?

Not at all, in fact these are perfect “lunch time treatments”. Although side effects are uncommon, it is wise to avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after your treatments and for a few days after treatment an SPF sun block is recommended.


Are there any side effects?

As with many treatments, undergoing them may involve enduring some unpleasantness. These are normal side effects which may be inevitable although their severity may vary considerably from one individual to another (even from one treatment session to another).​ It is very important that you disclose all medications you are on to your therapist to avoid any reactions to the treatment.


Laser skin rejuvenation side effects of this kind may be swelling, itching, lighter looking skin (new skin which has been less exposed to sun light), pink or red skin areas.

​ ​

These side effects are relatively mild and easy to cope with. Patients will be instructed by ​Dr. Mia’s​ staff as to what steps to take, frequent moisturizing for example, using sunscreen, applying ointments (such as ​Coloidal Silver Gel) ​ sometimes icepacks and other such measures.


How Safe is Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Since laser skin rejuvenation side effects are virtually insignificant and  complications are extremely rare these treatments are considered safe.


It is important to undergo such treatments at clinics known for their highly qualified staff and top quality equipment.​ ​Opting for cheaper treatments or ​lower quality practitioners or equipment may result in complications such as burns, scarring, changes in skin pigmentation and even bacterial infection.


​For any questions you may have, feel free to contact Dr. Mia’s rooms for further assistance.