My Dr Reza Mia Experience
My Dr Reza Mia Experience
My Dr Reza Mia Experience
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My Dr Reza Mia Experience

My Dr Reza Mia Experience

Have you ever just felt like Bonang? Well technically you can’t but I can imagine that is exactly how being her feels like after the most relaxing and purifying session at Dr Reza Mia.

On the 4th of May 2017, I had the most memorable skin experience of my life at Dr Reza Mia. Ok firstly, lets discuss their offices/practice rooms…. HEAVEN! Literally feel like you are walking into the garden of eden. Situated in the heart of Houghton, the house simply brings joy, calmness and that ‘I’m the princess of this palace’ feeling.

Ok, enjoyed that long stroll into the heavenly environment to be greeted by absolute serenity (insert crying emoji here). Ambiance, check. Decor, check. Luxury, triple check!!! Welcomed by two amazing, friendly staff members then on to my appointment.

Ya’ll, did I not fall asleep a couple of times. I mean that’s how relaxing my treatment was. I had Dermaquest MangoBrite ​​Chemical​ Peel (ranges between R700-R1,100)​ whose main purpose is to provide a basic level of exfoliation as it evens skin tone and helps to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation and also leave you feeling SO Bonang.

Some quick facts for those who are into the details – I was about my glo thou- here is more on my specific treatment:

Dermaquest MangoBrite ​​Chemical​ Peel, designed with Vitamin C, Orange Stem Cells and Mango Pulp, this hydrating resurfacer provides exfoliation, assists in evens skin tone and to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation. The Kojic Acid diminishes dark spots by reducing melanin production for a thoroughly brightened complexion. Other benefits include:

Assists with Acne

Reduces Dark Spots & Pigmentation

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Restores Hydration

Brightens skin

After the best 20 mins of relaxation, treatment and a soothing facial massage I was ready to take over the world. Heck, I could have been Bonang. I am super excited for other treatments and all the treatments they have available. Actually I could park and live there really. Dr Reza Mia hosts many other treatments including face, body, hair and IV infusions. You can be assured that you are in the best hands and all your coins are going to be worth it.

For more information on Dr Reza Mia, the treatments, and how all your dermatological and aesthetic dreams can be accomplished in Johannesburg visit or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: Dr Reza Mia Aesthetics

Twitter: @DrRezaMia

Instagram: @drrezamia


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