Your aesthetic beauty questions, answered – Glamour
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Your aesthetic beauty questions, answered – Glamour

Your aesthetic beauty questions, answered – Glamour



Thinking about getting fillers or Botox? Dr Reza Mia gives you the lowdown on what to expect.

What exactly are fillers? 

There are different types of fillers and the most popular ones are made of non-animal hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production. This is less likely to cause allergic reactions than when using collagen fillers. We use fillers to balance and enhance features, add volume to various parts of the face, improve the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, among other things. The effects last for up to two years, which is ideal because the face changes over time. This is why I don’t use permanent fillers, they have the potential of causing unwanted side effects. 

What do you consider ‘bad’ aesthetic medicine? 

When the patient looks like they have been overdone or like something is wrong with them. When the treatment is done correctly, you should look natural, healthy and happy.

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Is there a minimum or maximum age for Botox and plastic surgery?

I wouldn’t treat anyone under the age of 18 if it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. I treat many teenagers for acne or if they have specific muscle abnormalities, which might be pulling on their faces and causing them distress. These younger patients would require their parents or guardians to consent to treatment. When it comes to general aesthetic treatments, it’s never too late to start, but I prefer to maintain original features than create new ones.

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Where do you draw the line on cosmetic procedures?

When someone asks for treatment for the wrong reasons. For example, if their partner is forcing them to have work done, or if they are expecting something unreasonable. It’s the doctor’s responsibility to manage the patient’s expectations and convince them not to have treatments when the result would be bad. In fact, my main aim with my treatments is to get patients to look good without looking like they’ve had any work done at all.

Do you think celebrities have become more open about getting work done?

Most definitely, as it has become more acceptable. When it comes to minimally-invasive anaesthetic medical treatments, there’s far less of a stigma than with traditional surgery. We’ve even reached the point where many people view these treatments as a status symbol, posting about them on social media and talking openly about them to their friends and family.

What are your product choices for maintaining good skin?

Skincare is important – a good face wash, sunblock and moisturiser go a long way.

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