Meet Dr Reza Mia
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Meet Dr Reza Mia

Meet Dr Reza Mia

It is always interesting to get to know the people who spend lots of years at school honing their skills and abilities to ensure our skin, face and bodies look as radiant as ever, our doctors!

Q              Who is Dr Reza Mia?

I am general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. I am the key opinion leader for Institute Hyalual South Africa.

Q              Describe what you do?

I use the aesthetic medical tools and treatments available to me to achieve natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results for my patients. I invent new methods and products to achieve results when there is nothing available that will do the job. I like to think of my job as the optimal combination of science and art to produce results previously only available through surgery, or not available at all.

Q              Describe a day in your life.

Mostly treating patients, some days studying, doing research and reading, exercising, socialising, strategising and spending time with family, friends and pets.

Q              What makes a successful client?

The patients that understand the process, limits, treatments, results, as well as the ones who are willing to see the treatments as long-term programmes that require maintenance. These patients will always obtain the best results.

Q              What is your favourite procedure to perform?

Silhouette Soft lifting threads and Restylane Dermal Fillers for circles under the eyes – and non-surgical nose jobs.

Q              What made you want to be a doctor?

I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and also challenge myself with a difficult journey.

Q              You’re one of the few people who can administer redermalisation treatment in South Africa. Tell us about this procedure.

This is the previously undescribed effect of an injectable product that contains hyaluronic acid, as well as succinic acid, which stimulates the mitochondria within fibroblast cells to produce both collagen and elastin. In a nutshell, it improves hydration, turgor, elasticity, skin tone and tightens skin, whilst exerting an antioxidant effect on the tissues.

Q              Who inspires you? 

Dr Ravi Jain, Dr Riekie Smit, my brother, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Ridwan Mia, Advocate AB Mohamed, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr Simon Ourian from Beverly Hills, Anthony Robbins.

Q              What question are you asked most often?

Will this hurt? The answer is often no!

Q              What advice do you have for women (and men) looking for surgical procedures?

Don’t look at surgery as the first port of call. There is so much we can do for people’s faces and bodies without resorting invasive procedures. When we see patients who require surgery, we refer them to surgeons.

For more information, visit Dr Reza Mia.

By Hlulani Masingi.

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