Dr Reza Mia, Taking The Medical and Health Aesthetic World by Storm!
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Dr Reza Mia, Taking The Medical and Health Aesthetic World by Storm!

Dr Reza Mia, Taking The Medical and Health Aesthetic World by Storm!

Feeling beautiful in your skin is incredibly important – this is evident in Dr Reza Mia’s practise!

Committing to a career within the beauty and Health Aesthetics industry, has been a very rewarding one for Dr Mia, as his practice grows from strength to strength.

A business world unknown to many, yet buzzing with excitement and many educational values, we caught up with Dr Reza Mia and got an insight into the world of Medical and Health Aesthetics.

– How did your Medical and Health Aesthetics practise come about? 

Following the introduction of Dr Robert Rey’s skin care range, I began to appreciate the public interest in aesthetic treatments based on the interest in specific creams that provided milder, but similar, results to aesthetic treatments. I believed that the relatively new field of aesthetic medicine would be an excellent avenue within which I would be able to channel my creativity to establish new and better ways of achieving patients’ desired outcomes and decided to combine his artistic side with my practical experience in trauma and Plastic Surgery to better the lives of his patients through methods that were cheaper and safer than the surgical options that were previously available.

– What thought process, planning and management went into starting up your practise? 

I was lucky because I started my practice on a part time basis while I worked on other business ventures. As it built up I was able to dedicate more and more time to the practice and to focus more time on it until it was my full time job. I still continue to study and work on other business ventures though.

– What makes the Medical and Health Aesthetics industry one that you enjoy? 

It is new, exciting, growing and fast evolving. With small interventions we are able to make big changes to peoples lives, that is very satisfying.

– What are some of the challenges faced within the industry? 

Fast paced change is not always a good thing as new products that come out are not always what they promise to be. We need to sift through the new interventions to select only the best and most effective treatments for our patients. Aesthetic medicine has a large art component to it and it isn’t for everyone. A major challenge for patients is to discern between doctors that are in the field to earn an extra income and those that are in it to express their creativity in a way that benefits their patients.

– What important lesson have you learnt from being in Medical and Health Aesthetics industry? 

That a “one size fits all” approach rarely yields optimal results. Each patient is unique and requires a unique combination of treatments and techniques. Slow, steady progress with regular maintenance produces the best results and allows for natural, great looking results.

– What thought process goes into deciding your different treatments and what your treatment focus would be on? 

I start with the issues that patients are concerned about and resolve those, where patients are open to it, I make suggestions based on the signs of ageing I see for further treatments and I blend all the tools at my disposal to take the patients from where they are to where they need to be. From there we play it by ear and jointly determine what aspects we need to address next.

– With such an incredibly busy schedule committing to long hours, how do you find the time to balance work and your personal life? 

You have to really try hard to prioritise and make sure that you don’t neglect any of the important aspects of your life. In the end, your life will take the path it was meant to take as long as you make an honest effort and follow your basic ethical compass.

– What advise would you give to someone wanting to start a career in the Medical and Health Aesthetics industry? 

Explore all options available to you before you decide on a career path. Medicine is such a vast field with so many specialities as well as opportunities for consultancy and other work outside of direct clinical practice. Once you find something that feels natural and satisfying to you, find out as much as you can about the field and speak to people working in the field to make a decision on where you wan to be. Remember that it is never too late to change your mind and move to a field that you didn’t know about previously. Bear in mind that it would take around ten years from entering medical school to reach a point where you are able to enter into private practice and from there you would need to complete numerous courses and self study to be able to administer high quality aesthetic medical treatments.   For doctors who are considering entering the field, leaner as much as you can, take as many course as you can, study the textbooks and above all,make sure that your reasons for getting into the field are the right ones and are part of fulfilling your highest calling.

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